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CodePro is a leader in assisting customers with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. CodePro will review your current business processes and together we will work to determine your future business needs. Software Solutions, The Software Solutions Provider has experience with numerous ERP packages and we use this experience to evaluate which solution is the best fit for your company. We propose solutions to our customers that support the best return on their investment.


developmentSoftware Development

Codepro Solutions goal is to bring the strengths of the Internet to benefit an organization’s everyday operations. Codepro Solutions can construct, implement, and host secure intranets, extranets, and Web-based applications, so you can communicate more effectively with customers, employees, suppliers, and partners without incurring capital costs associated with network buildout and maintenance. We also take the risk out of eBusiness projects with extensive testing, prototyping, and knowledge transfer from our experts to your internal team. We can help you extend the reach of your enterprise, quickly and effectively. Codepro Solutions can create portals that change the way you do business – or change the dynamic of your industry. By improving efficiency and allowing secure access to vital enterprise data, organizations can now place information the right information in the hands of its customers and employees.

down to earthDown to Earth High Tech Solutions

Codepro Solutions translates software expertise and business savy into powerful and user friendly applications. We apply the strength of Microsoft and other leading development tools to effectively implement Codepro Solutions that enhance your ability to conduct business. The desired front end (Access, Word, Excel, VB) is effectively integrated with the appropriate backend (SQL Server, Access) using standard MS techniques such as .NET, COM (Common Object Model), OLE (Object Linking and Embedding), and related technologies.

This expertise translates to friendly yet functional user based systems, as well as scalable operating or database engines. Our software applications are designed to help businesses attain their development goals with software that performs faster, consumes fewer resources, saves time and improves their bottom line. We begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your specific project goals. This is augmented with an understanding of how the project will work within other business platforms, network requirements, company structure and value expectations. These all translate into tracable requirements. More importantly, we review how the application will address the needs of the client’s customers. Following development of a project plan with milestone dates, sequential phases of the program are designed and built based upon choices in user interaction, technology and software development language.

The initial release follows analysis of form views and report formats utilizing standard conventions for familiarity and performance. Codepro Solutions creates the back-end database structure and provides for future scalability in a number of formats including Microsoft Access or SQL, depending on data storage and retrieval needs. Performance enhancement and product testing are conducted to validate the quality of the application. Codepro Solutions also takes responsibility to work with the client in pre-qualifying software applications. Customization is provided, enhancements introduced, and modules created to accomplish specific tasks.